What Clients Say

Barclay is very personable, down to earth, easy to work with and gets on with everyone. He takes a genuine interest in the individuals within a team – there are not many consultants who do this when they come into organisations. It is a rare and precious quality. We are extremely pleased with his services.

– Jane Martin, IT Service Manager

Barclay’s expert troubleshooting has really helped us to clearly identify our best way forward. We are already seeing significant benefits. Additionally, his input around our service model, both locally and globally, has had a big positive impact at all levels of the organisation.

– Gareth Owen, Director of IT

I’ve had the pleasure of carrying out several consultancy engagements together with Barclay for mutual clients.

He is unique I think in combining in depth knowledge of the IT service industry with great analytical and problem solving skills.

Everyone at Bright would very much like to work with him again!

-Mats RennstamMD Bright UK / Chairman Bright AB

Your services section from the 7 Steps to ITSM Goodness is the best description and example I’ve seen out there recently. Many have missed the mark and you’ve got it right here in black & white.

– Phyllis Drucker, Business Process Consultant

Very informative session. Has been important and I believe has allowed us to gain a better understanding of how we should deploy our SC. I would certainly recommend this to others.

– Charles Bonello, Head of IT

We knew where we wanted to get to, but we didn’t know where to start. Barclay took all of our ideas and put them into a really effective, dynamic structure then helped us to move forward. He worked with us, not just for us, passing on all the knowledge and skills we needed to become self-sufficient and sustainable long term. Barclay’s expert guidance, experience and knowledge have been invaluable.

– Jane Martin, IT Service Manager

ITSM Goodness is just godsend. Thank you Barclay!

– Jesus Melendez, Service Desk Analyst

The ITSM Goodness workshop was great! I came away with ideas that I’ve shared with others in my organization and am beginning to use.

– Babette Williams, Manager, Operational Excellence Enablement