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Building a Brilliant (and Future-Proof) Service Desk

This webinar I gave earlier this month has since found its way into BrightTALK’s #TopAugustWebinar. Looks like the topic struck a chord… The session asks questions such as: What makes a brilliant Service Desk today? Will what is required change in a few years’ time? How can we build in future-proofing to ensure that these […]

GARTNER ITSSM Magic Quadrant – Delivery is the Key

We’ve seen the recent (re-launch) of the Gartner ‘Magic Quadrant’, after a 3 year absence and now renamed ITSSM to incorporate a wider span of ITSM and support concepts. This has been made publicly available by BMC and is therefore widely available in a full format for the first time. This sort of analysis will always divide opinion […]

An Inspector’s Call…

1 year and counting since we started In a few weeks it will be the regular SDITS show at Earls Court, London – certainly the ITSM industry’s biggest annual bash on this side of the pond. I’ve been going to this show since it started and it’s great to see the growth and sheer scale […]

Too much information

Earlier this month I presented at the itSMF Belgium Conference – you can see the slides here – Let’s demonstrate value, not what we do. The theme was a simple one – how do IT and technology organisations not only deliver, but also demonstrate value…? Sadly, more often than not, this question is still met with all […]

Mary Poppins vs the ITIL machine…

It’s a year since I returned to the direct consulting world after leaving Axios Systems, where I was head of global services. I’ve been a ‘consultant’ mostly since 1994 and the striking thing for me coming back into this area is how much the ITSM world is and has changed, which is reflected by what I now do […]

ITIL 2011 – what do you think? Tell us on ITSMTV

The ITSM TV September special feature will be on ITIL2011. This will be a factual and practical review, including opinions, questions and analysis from across the industry. The aim will be to be searching and objective, whilst also ultimately positive and pragmatic in the understanding and response to the new issue. If you have an opinion or would […]

Real people, real projects, real service

I’ve recently been fully occupied with a variety of new things (and this will continue for some time), from mentoring to a big Service Catalogue project and ITSMTV and podcasts. I’ve not had the usual time to indulge in too much social media and its been very refreshing to get a bit of perspective. The TV […]

Walk the walk with your customers

TNT won the main award at the SDI Conference in June – i.e. for Large Service Desks. A major component that led to this award was the fact that TNT have developed a programme whereby their IT staff spend time working in depots and actually out with delivery drivers. This clearly gives all IT staff […]