So, the first phase is heating up – the charm offensive has generally been good and well received, although now it’s time to start doing something…

I’m referring of course to the progress of the ITIL JV (now called AXELOS), which is the new company formed jointly by TSO and Capita to run the SWIRL IP, business and approach. To date there has been a positive and engaging level of communications from AXELOS – for me far more (for whatever reasons) than there has been in the last 20 years or so from the various manifestations of  ‘Castle ITIL’. (I really hope that’s the last time I use that term..). However it’s now time for action!
So there are initial workshop meetings being held in London 16 – 18 July, to discuss PPM and ITIL. I’ve been invited re ITSM and I will be there. I’m looking forward to it, to debate the future of our industry and hopefully be able to contribute something to that.
I’ve contributed a lot to standards and models for SDI/HDI over the years, but (apart from some document reviews), not formally been involved with ITIL in any significant form – to me it has long been a bit of an ‘old boys club’ and I’m pleased to see the barriers coming down. I’ve shouted from the outside for too long and would now prefer to contribute positively to the industry I care about and believe I believe something to say about…
I did have some initial  reservations and thoughts about attending, how and who might be invited and attend this, and how this would be received, so here are some thoughts:

  • Why have I been invited? I guess I’m pretty visible and active in the industry and social media, as a pundit/watcher/analyst type as well as a consultant, plus I submitted a document with my thoughts and ideas for the development of ITIL Barclay Rae Consulting input to ITIL JV
  • Whilst being delighted to be invited, I did (probably like others) wonder who else was invited, what was the criteria for this, is this public knowledge etc. There’s an uncomfortable moment when you wonder if you can/should talk about this when you don’t know who has or hasn’t been invited. However the agenda has come out quickly and the list of attendees looks to be a good cross- section of views and experience, with a definite leaning I’d say towards the slightly radical…
  • AXELOS have also made it clear that this is the first of other meetings and there is no intention to exclude anyone – they knAXELOSow the stakeholders who should all have an opportunity to contribute. For now Educational Institutes (EIs) are not invited, due to the sensitivity around potential changes to the operating model, although once this is clear they will be involved.
  • Personally I think this is a difficult situation, where there is a need to move forward and do something practical, whilst at the same time taking note and consulting with all areas of the industry. So however this is played will probably result in some criticism across the industry. From a purely practical point of view you can’t have the whole industry at a meeting and make progress. So I believe and expect that anyone who wants to contribute should have the opportunity to do so.
  • My view on the progress of this is that the JV needs to make some brave decisions, otherwise it may get mired in trying to please or appease everyone across the industry – a bland compromise will help noone. Hopefully the process will result in some fairly radical changes to both content and format of what ITIL is and does. The real test of value must be to the ‘customers’ of ITIL out there – organisations and practitioners – who I feel are now being let down by the current nature of the framework and training programme.
  • So I am going to the workshop to air my views on this – not just from my own perspective but on behalf of and based on the feedback I get every week from my clients. They want practical help and frankly don’t care about how this is achieved, but right now they are not consistently getting it. 

[notice]What do you think? If you have questions you want to be raised I’ll be happy to take them along and raise them – please leave a comment or email me at [email protected]  [/notice]