The ITSM TV September special feature will be on ITIL2011. This will be a factual and practical review, including opinions, questions and analysis from across the industry. The aim will be to be searching and objective, whilst also ultimately positive and pragmatic in the understanding and response to the new issue.
If you have an opinion or would like to contribute, this is no my invitation to you to contribute to the ITIL 2011 programme.
We will be filming interviews and some other content on 2nd and 9th September in Central London  To follow up please contact Amanda Cruise ([email protected], 020 7993 4354).
Key questions that we will be discussing include:

  •  What’s new?
  • What’s improved?
  • What’s missing or not right?
  • What’s the impact on projects, practitioners, training etc?
  • How do we respond and make this work?
  • How can we improve ITIL and the approach in future?

Interviews in total take around an hour, (10 mins actual recording),more if you are involved in discussions. I’m happy to discuss approach, editorial, content, logistics etc. with you as required nearer the time – for now it’s about logistics and planning.
If you want to see what we’ve done to date, cheek out the July feature on outsourcing