It’s another new year and of course there are many reviews and predictions for our IT and ITSM industries. See these recent ServiceDesk360 and Cherwell blogs of mine…
For me the most positive thing to emerge over the last year or so is the absolute and comprehensive confirmation around the 2 key goals of Service Management :

Successful business outcomes


Positive customer experience

We’ve moved on from process and other internal components of Service – important as they are – to celebrate and confirm successful business outcomes and positive customer experience as the over-reaching aims of our work. Of course these have always been the ultimate aspiration and have been delivered in many successful projects over the years, but there is now an ineluctable consensus and concerted voice that is shouting this out.
This time last year I blogged about the need for ‘practical unity’ in our industry and this is the most tangible evidence of it that I can think of…
As an industry we are of course waiting with some anticipation to see what happens next with the development of ITIL via AXELOS. There’s also a refreshing increase in activity around tooling and new product procurement as well as increased focus on new operating models such as Service Integration and Management (SIAM).
For me however on a personal and very pleasing note, the real activity and demand in the industry has continued to move towards more practical and ‘hands-on’ ideas, advice and knowledge. My own ITSM Goodness output has been well received and used (it has more than doubled activity on my website); there are many organisations using some or all of the content, and the content has been developed and used by vendors and industry people alike. I’ve also delivered workshops and webcasts to a number of people e.g. at SMFusion in the US as well as in the UK and delivered the ‘Goodness’ message via a number of conference presentations and workshops.
I’m going to continue to develop this over the next year, so look out for more activity in this area and opportunities to engage with the ITSM Goodness approach and simple message. The first initiative is an ITSM Goodness series of webcasts on my BrightTALK channel starting Wednesday 15th at 1:00 pm GMT. Over the course of the series I will be delivering the equivalent of a full day-long ITSM Goodness workshop, via 8 individual monthly webcasts, covering the 7 Steps, plus practical feedback from practitioners.
[important]As part of this series, I will be encouraging practitioners to participate as they work through the 7 Steps and send me updates on their progress. I will in turn share this real practical progress in the webcasts.  If you would like to participate, please contact me. The first webcast focuses on the 1st Step – Engage and Listen to Customers. [/important] Finally I will be embarking on a new project with the ITSM Review to re-ignite the now defunct ITSM podcast and other media over the next few months – I’m excited about that and will provide more information in due course, so look out for more info.
Of course, I will continue to do mostly what I’ve been doing for years (celebrating 20 years of consulting this year…!) – that is real, practical ‘hands-on’ consulting and projects with client organisations. This has formed the basis of things like ITSM Goodness and the input I’ve brought to ITSM media in recent years – and for me it’s essential for currency and credibility that I continue to do that. I’m just embarking on a few really exciting new projects so watch this space for more lessons learned, feedback and practical ideas…
Have a great year.