I am regenerating my blog (its been a while) and am delighted to do this just as we are about launch the new ITIL4 Managing Professional Publication – Create, Deliver and Support.

I have been privileged and honoured to be the Lead Editor on this book, working with some brilliant people – John Custy, Jon Hall, Aprill Allen, Rosemary Gurney, Mauricio Corona, Claire Drake and Peter Bodman, as well as the team at Axelos, Margot Leach, Roman Jouralev and Akshay Anand. My thanks are due to all of them for their input and for creating a great product.
The book provides a portfolio of ways of working – some that we have known and used in service management for some time, but not ‘called out’, plus some that are new and exciting. These cover people, culture, teams, organisation structure, employee satisfaction, customer mindset, tools and techniques for team building and collaboration. In addition, there is specific guidance on how to build and use value streams for various scenarios. The concept of end-to-end is becoming more pervasive – using value streams, journey mapping and ‘joined up’ working. I am delighted by this movement, particularly since my original consulting company (E2E) was based around this.
It was great to visit the US for the Service Management World conference this week and to meet up with many old and new friends – also to discuss much of the current development in the industry – around ITSM, Agile, DevOps and ITIl4. I participated in a great panel discussion which basically was great questions from the audience and open and transparent feedback from the panel.

I’m looking forward to continuing that experience at the itSMF conference in London next week – presenting on Monday at 4 pm on ‘Where to start with ITIL4’. On my stand I’ll also be giving away ‘Journey mapping; templates and other useful tools for those that are interested…
I’m also pleased to say that itSMF Uk are launching their ‘little ITIL’ book at the conference next week too – see you there!!