Just back a bit breathless and jet lagged from another Pink Elephant Conference in Las Vegas.  This years’ theme was ‘knowledge translated into results’, meaning that there is a clearly accepted view that the basic ITIL  training programmes alone don’t deliver enough to make things happen for the better – other skills and attributes and practises are needed for success.

Nothing controversial about that of course, but it’s also good to hear this being communicated by an organisation that primarily gets its revenue from ITIL training and consulting. Pink Elephant have the scale and largesse to cover off this proposition as they recognize the changes in the industry and perception around ITIL/ITSM and also as they do other sorts of training, They are are now regularly communicating more messages about the need for culture change, people and governance.

Pink have a good group of experienced people who understand the issues and real solutions, and they communicate this well to their audience, which is relatively senior for an ITSM conference. I do think that the messages need to go further and to a different audience with a simpler message however – the fact we still have ‘ITSM’ conferences belies the question about who should be interested in (and ultimately benefit from)  ITSM. To me it seems almost like a conference of great capability and execution, that just needs to speak to a more senior and business community.

It’s a great conference with some truly inspirational speakers, like the pilot who landed the stricken plane lin the Hudson, Captain Sullenberger. He was the best I’ve seen for some time, not just as a motivational speaker (which he was) but also as a speaker who could weave in messages that were relevant to the audience – like problem solving, root cause analysis, escalation, leadership etc. This year, as well as speaking on ITSMGoodness I also had a small booth, where I was joined by my partners SDI and it was great to meet new people and contacts this way.  See some Vine clips at my Twitter homepage (yes I discovered Vine this week…)

Most of all its great to catch up with friends and colleagues – like Rob England, Chris Dancy, David Cannon, Matt Beran, Craig Wikey, Brian Hollandsworth, Matt Selheimer, Troy Du Moulin and the rest of the Pink team etc etc.. It was also great to meet some new faces that I’d known or heard about for some time but not personally, like Carlos Casanova, Charlie Araujo, Mark Kawasaki, Chris York and many others… Look out for some great  ITSMTV interviews – missing you already Vegas (actually once a year is about enough..!)