Hands on delivery of a project/programme or major workstream, using external resources.

Service Project/Transformation Delivery (06)
OverviewHands on delivery of a project/programme or major workstream, using external resources.  
Areas / topics covered include:
  • ITSM / Service Desk transformation  
  • Organisational transformation programme
  • Service Catalogue implementation
  •  ITSM tool and process/practice implementation
  • Project and Programme Management
Why do this?
  • If you have a project or programme and timescale that cannot be met with in-house resources, or at acceptable levels of risk 
  • If there are commercial demands on your organisation to deliver a new product or capability within challenging timescales.
What’s involved?This involves work as defined and agreed, usually within a tender or brief:

  • Briefing, engagement and discovery
  • Delivery of key tasks and deliverables, design, build and delivery
  • Project, technical, and organisational change management   


  • Tools and products as required
  • Handover, testing, training, workshops as needed
  • Project governance and steering 
Timescales and costsDepending on your requirements for delivery, this can involve work for anything from 40/50 days upwards. ITSM projects of this nature tend to average 100 – 200 days’ work. We discuss your exact requirements and scope to provide a tailored proposal and scope of work, plus governance, acceptance and review mechanisms.
TypeBespoke ServiceFormatConsultancy / service delivery
Primary AudienceService Management Practitioners / Leadership


Secondary AudienceIT Leadership

IT practitioners

Business management