Guidance, answers, knowledge and support for service management – ‘end-to-end’

we can help you with support, guidance and knowledge.

If you work in the technology and customer support world, in IT, service management, service desks, service delivery, managed services, DevOps, customer relationship management, or customer services, then we can help you with support, guidance, and knowledge.

Whether your challenges are strategic and directional, or if you are looking for ‘hands-on’ practical and pragmatic advice and help, we offer a range of services to quickly meet your needs.

Browse for services – 'Off the shelf' Packages or Bespoke Services.

‘Off the shelf’ packages

These are short pieces of work, workshops, and sprints, that can be bought directly from the website and delivered as a standard service.

Bespoke Services

These are pieces of work that require discussion and scoping before purchase and initiation, to ensure that the requirements and expectations are set correctly for successful and effective delivery to you.

Industry leading consultancy and content for over 25 years.

BRC is a boutique consultancy providing short, cost-efficient and effective work packages – usually workshops, reviews and laser consulting sessions – for steering, education, feasibility and direction. BRC is led by Barclay Rae, who has delivered industry-leading consultancy and content for over 25 years.

We provide guidance on leadership, business focus, team building and transformation for leaders. BRC also delivers a variety of consulting and educational services for service management practitioners. We also work with the service management industry and deliver content, product development, presentation and authoring services for vendors and industry organisations.

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If you are interested in our services, please contact Barclay for a free consultation. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, let us know how we can help.

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