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Successful business solutions for IT Service Management and Enterprise Service Management

Take a look a the range of services that Barclay and his associates have successfully delivered to hundreds of organisations since 1994…


Workshops and Sprints

BRC provides short, practical, and effective assignments – workshops, sprints, consultancy reviews, and industry and product guidance. These are ‘standard’ services in ITSM and (ESM) enterprise service management, that deliver high value in a quick turnaround, to kick start your projects, guide your decisions and support new ways of working.


Bespoke Consultancy Solutions

Whatever your challenge, issue, or area requiring help – BRC provides specific consultancy for your needs. This may be to guide a strategic transformation, buying decision, re-structure, or simply to assess your current operation. We work on the brief and scope to ensure successful delivery to meet your needs.


Mentoring and Development

Practical learning and development services. Education and learning are tailored to specific client needs where required. Coaching and mentoring are based on experience are based around effective relationships and practical experience. Barclay offers some free mentoring to help people grow and achieve their full potential.


AI Workshops

Are you interested in integrating AI capabilities into your existing IT service offering but unsure how to get started? We can help you accelerate this journey.

How we work

Open, effective, independent consulting

We work with our clients to identify and build practical solutions. Our approach is positive, pragmatic, and human, not driven or defined by any particular model or framework – although we can of course use and reference these if needed.

Good consultancy enables and supports people and organisations to do what’s needed to be successful – themselves.



This goal is to quickly build an understanding of the organisation, people, and challenges, in order to be able to suggest improvements. This is delivered via interview sessions, individual and group meetings, plus data gathering via survey questionnaires and document sharing.



Analysis & Review

The involves a review of discovery materials, plus research and input from industry sources as required. Then work to analyse findings and come up with various risk and decision options and recommendations.

This is delivered with minimal need for client interaction although there are usually one or more feedback and iteration discussions involved.




Work is concluded by providing feedback on issues and options, with recommendations and interactive decision support to identify the best actions to take. Including, the delivery of a management report, plus an online presentation workshop and other materials as required.

Ongoing support, people support, tools and documentation are available as needed to support project kick-off and to get started on relevant work.


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