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Over 500 service improvement projects

My experience covers over 500 service improvement projects, mainly in IT Service Management, but also in CRM, contact centres and other service delivery areas.

My pre-consulting experience was in a variety of service delivery roles, including setting up media phone-in services in the 1980s and working through service management operations and project management into the 1990s.

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Helping individuals and organisations through change

Since the early 1990s, I have worked as a management consultant, as well as owned and been involved in running consultancy and IP-based organisations.

I have also been involved in developing and authoring some key industry guidance and content, including ITIl 4 and SDI as well as writing and presenting to the industry via podcasts, blogs, and event presentations.

My focus is on helping individuals and organisations through change successfully, regardless of tools or methodology. My goal is to keep developing new approaches and ways of delivering this.

My more recent experience has been in running professional services teams and building new service offerings and approaches.

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