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ITSM Practitioner Workshops

All workshops can be delivered in person or virtually. Most sessions work well with up to 15 – 20 people maximum. Some strategic sessions may require smaller numbers. All sessions can be tailored to suit your requirements and run as half-day, 1-day, or also 2-day sessions as needed.

ITSM / ITIL Overview

This session is an overview of the key practical concepts and ways of working in IT Service Management. This is particularly useful when there is a need to give a group or groups of people some key knowledge that they will use in their jobs – maybe as part of a transformation project – without the need for a lot of formal training.

Content and focus can be tailored to the specific needs and e.g. project outputs for your organisation – this may follow a transformation project, tool implementation or re-structure.

ITSM / Service Goodness Workshop

This is a practical workshop to give you and your organisation a step-by-step guide to successful service management, via ongoing and sustainable transformation. This is based on the ‘7 steps’ model. This incorporates a number of activities and models that can be applied together to build long-term success.

Service Catalogue, Design and Portfolio Workshop

This session helps organisations to ‘bridge the gap’ between IT and business performance, by building a practical and holistic view of services and service design. This has been a successful and proven workshop running over a number of years, helping many different organisations to move forward with their service catalogue and service-level projects. This includes guidance on XLAs, SLAs and all aspects of service definition.

The session helps to build common learning and understanding of key taxonomy and service catalogue concepts – mostly in the morning. In addition, the afternoon mostly involves practical workshop activities to define services and build a practical service structure.

Problem management and CSI

Problem management is the ‘game changes’ in terms of quality, improvement, risk management, and removal of technical debt. This has been a silent aspiration for many organisations over the years but is now seen as a key element in driving quality and value.

This session is now regularly run for organisations to move forward quickly and put practical elements of problem management in place successfully.

ITSM product and market overview

Since 1994 Barclay Rae has been an independent market watcher for ITSM products, tools n and vendors. He has also carried out many 100s of procurement exercises with organisations to advise and support their investments in the ITSM market.

This workshop provides an overview of the possible and the actual in terms of what is in the market, what to look forward and how to manage and navigate a path through the maze of different products and services. This provides organisations to quickly gain focused knowledge of the market, with some clear recommendations on where to look and how to get the best product fit.

Product readiness

Once a new or upgrade tool is chosen – the project work starts! Many implementations of ITSM tools can fail to deliver value due simply to lack of preparation and readiness – before the vendor is engaged.

This workshop provides input and guidance, as well as tools and templates to start building up clear views of the data, workflows, skills and capabilities required – as well as what decisions need to be made – in order to really get good value from the implementation.

Meaningful metrics

This workshop sets out clear targets and metrics to improve your reporting and data analysis around service management. What are the requirements for reports? Who needs to see this information? Why are you producing existing reports – does anyone read them?

The session answers these questions with practical advice on building service data that can then be used to include experience management, outcome-based reports, and business analysis. This includes; transactional data, service data, organisational data, and reporting data as inputs.  The workshop is a great resource to ensure that your reports are working and supporting good business decisions.

ITSM Practitioner Workshops

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