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25 October, 2023 Service Management

Welcome to BRC

I am delighted to welcome Steve Cave, who joins me today in the BRC (Barclay Rae Consulting) business.

Steve will provide consulting and assessment services on ITSM, Service Desk, AI, tooling, and experience management.

I’ve known and worked with Steve for a couple of years. I am really excited that he is joining up with me and making this move. He brings a number of skills and also great potential and capability for BRC and to the extended family of my partners – particularly SDI, plus also CDW and other organisations.

There has been a great response from various contacts when I have mentioned that Steve is joining – from those who already know him, and beyond.

I have no doubt that Steve will be a very good consultant, auditor, facilitator and possibly much more. He has the right learning mindset, attitude, aptitude and approach that is needed to become a great consultant, and to really provide value to our customers – he understands their environment and has the practical capabilities to help them succeed.

He has some great recent Service Desk and OPS/ITSM management, and also relevant hands-on experience. He’s also got some great currency around knowledge of tools and models, for ITSM and experience management.

In particular, he also has done a lot of practical and research work on applying AI to the service desk environment and we are already working on some new short AI feasibility services.

I have no doubt that Steve will be a great asset for BRC and the wider industry… Welcome, Steve..!

Steve Cave joins Barclay Rae Consulting Ltd (BRC) as Principal Associate Consultant. Steve can be contacted at or via LinkedIn