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08 November, 2023 Service Desk ITSM

Those Autumn links…

Its ‘that’ time of year again – autumn conference season. No, not the political parties getting drunk at the seaside, but instead the ITSM world getting drunk inland (Birmingham and Reading).

Its been a busy time this ‘fall’, with a whole load of client engagements ongoing , whilst also welcoming Steve Cave into the BRC Business and starting to plan out some new ideas and offerings for 2024. Check out Steve’s blog on AI.

I am delighted to welcome a number of ITSM friends from the US to visit over this period – Ken Gonzalez, Roy Atkinson, Matt Beran, Shane Carlson, Carlos Casanova, Alan Nance and more…

I’ve also done a few sessions at events on sustainability, following a few projects and workshops that have crystalised my thinking in this area. Sustainability Blog… This was my topic at SDI’s Spark Conference – as well as joining in on the ‘Icons of ITSM’ panel session…

Next week its itSMF’s ITSM23 conference – I’ll just be there plus presenting some recent research for PeopleCert and output on metrics for the itSMF Leadership Council meeting. My recent writing focus has been on bringing together some industry research for a regular 6 monthly output. The first piece will look at what we should measure at the industry index level around ITSM.

You can also check out some content I have put together on the old and new – fundamentals and futures – in a 3-part webinar series for Easy Vista

As ever Ian Aitchison and I are continuing to push out Enterprise Digital podcasts – from Roy Atkinson on Spark and James Finister on ITSM23. Although both sessions include a far wider discussions on metrics, future and neurodiversity. We are also now running a ‘podcast reflections’ series of posts that look back on some great content and guests from the last (nearly 3 years) of the podcast.

Meanwhile I am missing Service Management World in the US and Service North in, well the north.. (Manchester – I will get there soon). Good luck to all involved with these events.

Barclay Rae