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The real value of IT? Better get moving…!

Value value value value, business value, business outcomes, moments of truth, key metrics, IT value, commercial and operational value, business value, value….value.  In case you hadn’t noticed…?! When we in the IT industry aren’t ranting about the death of IT, ITIL, ITSM, Email, Service Desk and all that, we are still banging on and on […]

Knowledge into results – PINK13 update

Just back a bit breathless and jet lagged from another Pink Elephant Conference in Las Vegas.  This years’ theme was ‘knowledge translated into results’, meaning that there is a clearly accepted view that the basic ITIL  training programmes alone don’t deliver enough to make things happen for the better – other skills and attributes and […]

Lets make 2013 a year of ITSMGoodness…

So, another year and  the ITSM industry is alive with debate and discussion, opportunity, challenge and as ever some uncertainty. I’m not one for making resolutions or big predictions (both usually fail in mid January..!), but I do have some basic aspirations for the year ahead… These can be summarized in 2 words: Practical Unity Practical – as I feel we are still […]

SLAs – A Case of Baby vs. Bathwater

At last week’s itSMF UK conference #ITSM12, there was a lot of discussion about the value of SLAs – this continued on Twitter and Back2ITSM afterwards…. Certainly there was a call for the abolition of SLAs – which seemingly was well received in the room at the time. Here’s my quick take on this…. SLAs […]

2 Speed ITSM

  I recently met with Rodrigo Flores (creator of Service Catalog Community and Blog) for a drink when he was in London. Rodrigo set up newScale and drove the market with Service Catalog functionality – this was sold to Cisco last year and he now works there, generally working at the bleeding edge of Cloud and the new […]